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2016-08-10 Graybar Plant Tour

Wednesday August 10, 2016 Tim Hersman and Jason Hill were gracious enough to provide us with their hospitality and a Plant Tour of the Orlando Location, 2000 S Division Ave.  Tim and Jason provided the Overview and described the Outside Electric and Data Sales process.  They also brought us to a pod of quotation specialists that support the Sales people.

The Customer Service Manager described her team’s efforts in supporting the companies, organizations, and contractors for their material needs.  The Orlando office also has a group of inside sales members who support smaller contractors in the process of program management and product selection and delivery.

Graybar also offers various financing opportunities, perhaps allowing for a LED upgrade for lighting on a lease basis. Saving the company and the county energy while paying for the materials of the upgrade via a lease.

The Warehouse Manager took us for a brief tour of the warehouse, and described how the materials (restocking and special orders from the Tampa Distribution center are delivered at 3 AM each morning. Although most items can be sourced from the local warehouse, unique Items not stocked can be ordered through out the day, delivered at 3:00 am, and then picked up or delivered to the user the next morning.

The warehouse has a dedicated area for pick up and it is optimized to allow a user to come in identify themselves sign an electronic pad, and head out with the shipment.

There is also a sales area that looks similar to a Jobber’s shop with various common items on display, customers can browse and get assistance in selecting the proper item.

The Plant Tour provided an opportunity to learn how our orders are processed, and how Graybar is working on making it an efficient process to improve accuracy and customer service.

Tim has provided a copy of his overview slides that are available for you below.


Graybar Orlando Capabilities Powerpoint

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