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National Crime Stop Program

Kevin Gilpin HeadshotOur June presenter will be Kevin M. Gilpin, Executive Director for National Crime Stop Program.

Every 3 seconds of everyday someone’s credit or debit card information is stolen.

Identity Theft has now become the fastest growing crime and threat that any and every one faces today!  Your personal and financial information as well as your credit worthiness, savings and good name may be at risk right now!!!

___________________________________________________________________We are happy to announce that we have scheduled one of the most informative and entertaining speakers in the country to conduct a one hour presentation on   Identity Theft and how not to become a victim.

We invite and encourage everyone to attend this presentation sponsored by the National Crime Stop Program because the information and knowledge you will gain will be invaluable and life changing!

Did you know and don’t you need to know?  Criminals can now…

Read your credit card information right through your handbag, pocket or wallet?  Retrieve your credit card information from a discarded store receipt?  See everything you input into your home PC, stroke for stroke?  Advertise a product on a website site for sale and instead steal your bank info? Obtain, online, your personal identifiers including your DOB and social security#?   Open credit card accounts in your name from any PC anywhere in the world?

Don’t miss this opportunity to come and learn all you need to know from one of the leading authorities and experts in the country on Financial and Computer Cyber Crime, Identity Theft and Crime Prevention!

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting for this important program, not only for our personal lives but also for the corporate devices we may be carrying.

 Kevin Gilpin founded the National Crime Stop Program in 1985 to battle the increasing crime rate in his community.  The 1-Hour “How Not To Become The Victim of a Crime” workshop that he developed focuses on “crime from a criminal’s perspective” and details simple, practical and effective techniques to deter the crime before it happens.  The seminar has been praised by private, local, corporate, and state organizations as being very informative as well as entertaining.

In 2004, Mr. Gilpin went through training held by the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Florida, becoming a advocate in Computer Crime and Identity Theft.  This portion of his extensive expertise in the field of crime prevention has been implemented into the “How Not To Become The Victim of a Crime” workshop and is supported by the Attorney General’s Office.

Director Gilpin heads up a staff of crime prevention and public safety trainers responsible for conducting 100’s of seminars each year, reaching 1000’s of employees and worried consumers throughout Florida.

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