Educational Assistance Program

Educational Assistance Program Application


 The purpose of the Educational Assistance Program is to provide monetary assistance for education to those in the field of Purchasing and Materials Management.

 Application and Approval Process

 A)    Candidate Qualifications

 1)     Must be resident of the geographic area served by ISM-Central Florida.

2)     Must not be eligible for education reimbursement from their company or any other source.

3)     Must meet eligibility requirements for membership (regular, associate or student) in ISM-Central Florida, Inc.

4)     Individuals are eligible for repeat awards; however new applicants will be given preference.

B)    Course Criteria

 1)     Any college or university course pertaining to purchasing or materials management

2)     Courses required to obtain Certification, Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree in purchasing/materials management at area colleges or universities

3)     Other courses as approved by ISM-Central Florida, Inc. Board of Directors; including but not limited to:

·         Courses not pertaining directly to procurement or supply management

·         Courses required to complete a degree


C)    Application Procedure

 1)     Enroll in course(s)

2)     Complete EAP application, attaching required documentation

·         Course Description

·         Letter or document outlining employer reimbursement policy

·         Explanation of any other reimbursement source

3)     Submit application to EAP Committee Chair after enrollment, but prior to completion of course(s).

D)    Criteria for Reimbursement

 1)     Application is approved by ISM-Central Florida, Inc. Board of Directors

2)     Final grade report is submitted to the EAP Committee

3)     A minimum grade point average of 3.0 must be achieved for each course

4)     Receipts for fees and book expense must be presented to the EAP Committee

5)     Recommendation for approval is submitted by the EAP Committee to the Board of Directors

Education Assistance Committee

 A)    Members

 1)     President – serves as Chair of the Committee

2)     Education Chair

3)     Member-at-large, a member of ISM-Central Florida, Inc. designated by the President.

4)     A member of the education assistance Committee may not participate when his/her own application is being considered. The President will appoint a temporary member as required.


B)    Committee Responsibilities

 1)     Budget all education assistance funds.  The budget to be presented to the Board of Directors by the Committee Chair as a part of the yearly budget process.

2)     Receive and evaluate all applications for the program

3)     Verify the eligibility of each applicant

4)     Determine amount of individual award

·         Full reimbursement

·         Partial reimbursement

·         Number of individual awards to be presented

5)     Present recommendation to Board of Directors

6)     The Committee Chair will notify applicants of approval or denial within one week after the Board of Director’s decision

7)     Prepare final approval document and present to the Board of Directors for reimbursement approval

8)     Committee Chair will make arrangements for and present final reimbursement